School will be CLOSED TO ALL PUPILS tomorrow (5th January) – PLEASE READ THIS POST

Dear parents and carers, due to the announcement made by the Prime Minister tonight to close schools with immediate effect, I am sorry to inform you the school will be CLOSED TO ALL PUPILS tomorrow (5th January) in order for staff to plan and prepare for re-opening to vulnerable children and children of key workers, and to prepare home remote learning tasks.

Please bear with us as we organise the list of pupils who are eligible to attend. If you attended the SMA hub previously, you will continue to be offered a place as long as you still require it. Please inform us via the school email or phone tomorrow if you no longer require this place in order for me to be able to offer it to someone else who needs it.

If your child did not attend our hub last time during lockdown and you now feel it necessary to have a place for your child/ren, you must contact school by 12 noon tomorrow to request a place. You will be informed by 2:30pm tomorrow if you have been provided a place. Please check the government link to see if you are eligible to request a place as a key/critical worker. You will be asked to provide us with evidence from your employer. Providing such evidence is not confirmation of a place.

In all cases, a confirmation text will be sent to you to confirm a place for your child/ren should they be provided a place in school from Wednesday 6th January by 2:30pm tomorrow.

I understand you will be frustrated with this announcement and ask for your support and patience as we work quickly tomorrow to inform families who can attend the hub this half term, and send details out to you regarding home and remote learning.

Many thanks,
Lesley Hughes