Online Safety

Welcome to our online safety page for parents!

Here you can find useful resources which you can use to ensure that you and your children are safe online.

At St. Margaret’s Anfield we offer ‘an age-appropriate e-safety curriculum that is flexible, relevant and engages pupils’ interest; that is used to promote e-safety through teaching pupils how to stay safe, how to protect themselves from harm and how to take responsibility for their own and others’ safety.’

Parents Online Safety

We have recently (Autumn, 2016) had Paul Bradshaw from School Improvement Liverpool in to deliver an Online Safety presentation to our parents. All of the parents who attended found it very informative. If you were unable to make it to the presentation we will soon add a link to the presentation and the recommended websites. Letter

Musical ly Parent Guide

Useful Social Media Guides

Snapchat Checklist
Facebook Checklist
Instagram Checklist
Twitter Checklist
Instant Messaging Screen Time—Parent Guide
Ofcom Guide

In School we follow the SMART Rules!

Safe “What can you do to keep safe?
Meeting “What should you do if someone asks to meet?
Accept “What should you accept?
Reliable “What information is reliable?
Tell “Who can you tell?

If you think your child is at risk from some Internet content then you can report this using the CEOP button (Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre)

CEOP Reporting Button


Online Safety Governor – Angela Fulton