Experience Sessions in Church

The Experience Journeys for Years 1 – 6 take place at St. Margaret’s Church and this strengthens the mutually supportive links between our school and church. They are an exciting way to share the story of the Christian faith and to engage children in the events and celebrations of major Christian festivals.

Pentecost – Year 5

Experience Pentecost gave Year 5 children the opportunity to recall how God’s Holy Spirit was given to the disciples after Jesus’ ascension, empowering them to begin the work of making disciples of all nations.

The children particularly enjoyed discussing how the Holy Spirit is the way that God is with us and close to us.

Epiphany – Year 4

Experience Epiphany was celebrated by the children in Year 4. They remembered things about Jesus that were revealed; things that were shown about Jesus that told them who he was and why he came. The children enjoyed discussing how the wise men’s gifts tell them about Jesus: the gold shows he is a king; the frankincense that He is God’s son; and the myrrh tells us that Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of all, will die out of love for the world.

Advent – Year 3

Experience Advent allowed the children from Year 3 to gain a deeper understanding of the events leading up to Christmas through interaction and reflection. They had fun making an Advent wreath and discussed how Jesus’s love for people was like light shining in the darkness. Jesus once said “I am the light of the world” (John 8.12)

Easter – Year 2

Experience Easter helped the children in Year 2 to explore the Easter story. The stations covered key moments in the Easter narrative, exploring the events of Holy Week in ways that were interactive and stimulating. The children made donkeys, shared in a ‘last supper’, tied ribbons on a wooden cross and heard the story of the resurrection. What a superb morning!

Church – Year 1

Experience Church used features of the church building to teach the children about key events in the life of Jesus, offering an insight into the worship and witness of the local church community. What fun was had when the children took part in the re-enactment of a Baptism!

Prayer Cabin

Welcome to our Prayer Cabin. Our pupils are able to explore faith, spirituality and life’s big questions in a safe, creative and interactive way. Our wonderful Ethos Team and Staff also deliver online class assemblies from within.