Wellbeing is our mental state, it is how we are feeling and how well we cope with everyday life. Our wellbeing can change at any moment, however there is five ways to wellbeing each one contains different ideas that we can try to improve our wellbeing.

Connect – Having good relationships with our family and friends helps us to share how our experiences, our feel and make ourselves understood.
– We can spend some time each evening with our family talking about our day
– We can spend some time with friends
– We can turn off the TV and play a game with the people around us
– We can visit family or friends we haven’t seen for awhile
– We can join a club or team and make some new friends

Give – Giving to others, helping and showing acts of kindness can create positive feelings and help promote a sense of purpose
– We can thank you for something someone has done
– We can listen to a friend
– We can offer to help someone
– We can help look after the environment by picking up litter
– We can volunteer

Be active – Being active doesn’t just keep us physically healthy it helps keep our mind healthy to
– We can play sports
– We can go for a walk in the park
– We can try some new exercises
– We can go for a run
– We can go swimming
– We can play some physical games
– We can put on some music and dance

Learn something new – Learning new things help us feel confident and increase our self esteem
– We can learn a new game
– We can learn to cook a new recipe
– We can visit a museum or art gallery
– We can try a new DIY project
– We can learn an instrument
– We can learn another language

Take notice – When we take notice we can enjoy the world around us and stop in the moment
– We can take a walk just to see what is around us
– We can feel some different textures
– We can slow down and enjoy the taste of a food or drink
– We can take photographs of the things around us.

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