Love, Jasmine X

Jasmine –  Jasmine was the most remarkable little girl, who loved life and loved her family and her friends. She was a little mother hen to her younger brothers and just adored them from the moment they were born.  She was a very loyal and kind little girl who would do anything for others and always wanted to help and make sure others were ok.  Her smile lit up the room and she was so full of energy and joy.  She had a real zest for life and was always looking for the next thing to do.  She never sat still and was affectionately known as ‘Jazzy B’ during her time at nursery.  Jasmine had her own unique style and would plan and customise her own outfits, oozing style and elegance for such a little girl.

She had a real love of running and was athletic and quick and loved to dance and loved music, often performing routines for us.  She had a wonderful imagination and loved so much to play with her brothers and friends.   She was quietly confident and had a very strong will to win (she hated losing!). She was the leader in the house, the organiser who told everyone what games were going to be played. Life is just not the same without her and the world is a darker and emptier place without her here. The music stopped when we lost her and life is so quiet now without the enthusiasm that she brought to life.


What happened to Jasmine?

Jasmine suddenly and unexpectedly started choking on a grape at 8:30pm on 19th August 2014 whilst on a family holiday in North Wales.  An Ambulance was called straight away and in the 25 minutes that it took for them to arrive, they desperately fought to remove the grape which is one of the most distressing and horrendous things to have to do to your own child.  This didn’t work and neighbours who arrived to assist then tried their best to keep Jasmine alive.  Jasmine was then airlifted to hospital by the RAF, arriving an hour after she began choking at 9:30pm.  Despite the efforts of everyone involved in trying to save Jasmine, Jasmine’s life support was switched off and she passed away at 11:58pm.  Less than 3 and ½ hours after she began choking leaving the family completely traumatised and suffering extreme shock and disbelief.

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