Entrance £1.00 (you can choose any meal deal)

  • Meal Deal 1 – Cereal, toast and a drink
  • Meal Deal 2 – Beans on toast or cheese toastie and a drink
  • Meal Deal 3 – Scrambled egg on toast or an egg muffin and a drink.

If you would like to purchase extra items prices are as follows:

  • Slice of toast 25p
  • Beans on toast 60p
  • Cheese toastie 60p
  • Crumpets/Muffins 30p
  • Scrambled egg on toast 60p
  • Egg Muffin 60p
  • Bowl of cereal 50p
  • Fruit 25p
  • Yoghurt 35p
  • Drinks Tea and hot chocolate 50p
  • Fresh juice and milk 40p