SMA Pupil Leadership Team

Welcome To St. Margaret’s Anfield!

What makes our school extraordinary is that we always support each other no matter how difficult the job is unlike other schools. In our school, we not only get the job done but we also have fun.

St. Margaret’s Anfield is a very special place because we follow our school motto and core values.

School motto-‘By Faith and Work’.

Core values-‘truth, fairness, justice and joy’

We try hard every day and follow our school rules and values. St. Margaret’s school is always a pleasant place to be and we try our best in everything we do. We treat everyone the same even if we have a different religion or think differently. Together, the Head Boy and Head Girl work hard to keep the school ethos of our school to the highest standard we can. Everybody in our school is thought of as part of a family and have the spirit of SMA in their hearts.

Our school is very different to others, we are different because unlike other schools we help and encourage each other. Plus we treat everyone the same no matter what their race, beliefs or abilities.


Our core values are Truth, Fairness, Justice and Joy. This means that we work together as a massive family to’ be sensible and think first of others’.


This year, we have some extraordinary people and extraordinary jobs that our wonderful school have. Some of our jobs are Head Boy and Head Girl. Our Head Girl this year is Sama and our Head Boy is Ethan. Our Deputy Girl is Jodie our Deputy Boy is Alfie.  We have outstanding students that work as hard as they can in our school. Also, we have amazing teachers that make our lessons fun and this is what makes us SMA.

Head Boy

Ethan from Year 6H

Deputy Boy

Alfie from 6M

Head Girl

Sama from 6M

Deputy Girl

Jodie from 6H