Little Learners Transition Group

Starting Nursery is an exciting new phase in a child’s developmental progress, but can also be an emotional period during the first few weeks for both children and their parents/carers.

Attending Little Learners Transition Group will help you and your child overcome any worries you may have and ensure their transition from home to nursery is a happy experience.

It is an opportunity for both you and your child to get to know the nursery staff, experience the activities offered, and to understand how your child is learning through their play.

Sessions are once a week and take place in the nursery for 1.5 hours. There will be a morning and an afternoon session for 5 weeks.

Children will attend the appropriate session so they become familiar with other children they will be with when they start in September.

You and your child will be invited to an informal breakfast meeting to find out more and to register your child for the sessions. Breakfast will be served at the meeting and it is an opportunity for you to meet other parents/carers as well as the staff.

Children who attend the sessions are confident and happy on entry to nursery in the Autumn term and we are proud to have an excellent success rate.

We hope you will take advantage of this valuable opportunity to ensure a smooth transition to nursery for your child.

Objectives of Little Learners

It is our aim to successfully achieve the following objectives:

  • To maintain and build on the transition process between the home and nursery settings.
  • To encourage parents/carers to become more involved with how their children are learning through an informal/relaxed approach.
  • For children to form attachments with staff prior to starting in September – hopefully easing the settling in process for both children and parents/carers.
  • To establish good working partnerships with parents/carers as early as possible.
  • To produce a ‘mini’ version of the Learning Journeys which involves the participation of parents/carers and their children.
  • To help parents/carers understand the importance of play in learning and development and to encourage them to continue to support their child at home. A parent/carer pack will be given to each family with ideas and activities they have experienced in the sessions.

For the children that have been offered a place for September 2019, these are the dates for the Little Learners sessions:

Initial breakfast meeting Monday 24th May at 9.30 am in the Junior Hall

Little Learners Sessions:

Week 1 — Thursday June 13th

Week 2 — Thursday June 20th

Week 3 — Thursday June 27th

Week 4 — Thursday July 4th

Week 5 — Thursday July 11th

Session Times:

9.30am – 10.30am for children offered a morning place in September

1.30pm – 2.30pm for children offered an afternoon place in September

Please come along to our informal breakfast meeting on the 24th May. It is a good opportunity to meet the staff and find out more about the sessions whilst enjoying a free breakfast.