We are so excited to be learning a new ancient language here in Key Stage Two at St Margaret’s Anfield. We have chosen Latin due to the rich opportunities that come with learning this language and the knowledge we deliver supports the key objectives detailed in the National Curriculum.


Did you know half of our English words come from Latin? Along with this comes new root words, spelling and pronunciation patterns. In addition to language learning, Latin incorporates the study of Roman and Greek civilisations which aids Cultural Literacy and gives opportunities for high level thinking across many linked subjects, e.g. Art and Science.


Pupils begin learning Latin in Year Three with each lesson containing a Language and Cultural element. Our Key Stage One pupils gain an insight into this fascinating language through answering the register in Latin as well as other incidental opportunities that arise during the academic year.


We are working with the Classics for All – Classics for All who have supported us with training and resources to introduce and thrive in learning Latin! We have chosen to follow the Maximum Classics course – see below.

Pupil voice has been so positive since beginning Latin. Below are quotes from our pupils:

‘I like Latin because it helps us with our English as most of the words develop from Latin’.

‘We get to play fun games and we are learning at the same time’.


The teaching of Latin is helping our pupils to become better communicators, problem solvers, thinkers and also resilience builders.


Interesting Facts

  • Magnum is Latin for ‘big’. Why do you think this name suits the product?


  • Felix in Latin means ‘lucky’. Why are cats thought of as lucky?


  • The numbers on some clocks are written in Roman Numerals.