At St Margaret’s Anfield CE Primary School Enterprise is taught from Nursery to Year 6. The subject develops children’s understanding of why people work and the different jobs they do, the value of money, the skills needed to run a business and profit and loss. Children gain first-hand knowledge through visits from professionals in our community and from events that are held in school during the year.

Our biggest event is the ‘Enterprise Fortnight’ which is usually held in the Summer Term. Each class borrows £10.00 from the school and their task is to make this grow by creating a product or game. During the fortnight children become young entrepreneurs! They work in a team, think creatively, make important decisions and learn how to budget and manage money. Every class then sells their product on a set ‘selling day’ where children gain experience of running their very own business. Children are rewarded for their hard work by choosing how to spend their profit. It is a fun fortnight!