Easter Activities

Suggested Activities

Easter Egg Jigsaw

Draw and design your own Easter egg. Cut the egg up into different pieces. Can somebody living in your house fit the pieces back together?

What Am I?

You will need:

  1. A pencil
  2. Post-It notes
  3. 2 or more players

How to play:

  • Write Easter themed words on separate Post-It notes .e.g. Lamb, Daffodil, Easter Bunny, or Cross
  • Each player chooses a completed Post-It note without looking at the word
  • Attach to head, or front of t-shirt (no peeking at your own Post-It note!)
  • Take it in turns to ask ‘Yes or No’ questions .e.g. Is it something I can eat?
  • The winner is the first player to guess the word on their post it note!

Have fun!

Create an Easter Mask


Have fun taking selfies with your family members wearing the mask!

SMA Signs

As people are putting rainbow pictures in windows, children can put bears/pictures with an SMA sign & message – for example: going on SMA Bear Hunt.

  • Make an Easter bonnet – send us a picture on Seesaw
  • Can you find out and write about why we celebrate Easter?
  • Read the Easter story (use the Top Marks link below)
  • Find out how Easter is celebrated around the world
  • Design your own Easter egg

Decorate a boiled egg!

Create Easter Handprint and Footprint Creations!