At St Margaret’s Anfield CE Primary School all pupils from Reception to Year 6 learn Spanish.

As linguists we learn how to communicate with others in spoken Spanish, we recognise Spanish words as they are written and as we move up through the school, we begin to explore writing in this wonderful language.

As geographers we learn about the location of Spain and the cities within it. We explore the different celebrations and customs throughout the country and compare them to our own.

As artists, we study Spanish artists, experimenting with their work and creating our own.

As Global Citizens, we discover ourselves as part of a bigger picture, communicating across the globe.

All of these things are made possible through the enthusiasm of the pupils. This is made all the more exciting as we begin making links with our partner school, Ramon Pelayo, Santander.

This year, we have had a visit from Miss Ana Maestro, from Ramon Pelayo, who spent two weeks in our school, teaching each year group.

Below are some photographs from our wonderful Spanish Fortnight.