At St Margaret’s Anfield CE Primary School we aim for our pupils to develop a thorough understanding of the world around them. Through our Science curriculum, pupils will explore, interact and discover aspects of biology, chemistry and physics whilst developing their scientific language.

As biologists, we will investigate animals and their habitats and how seasonal changes affect these. We will discover what goes on within our own bodies and develop an understanding of humans as animals and plants as living things.

Through the study of chemistry we will discover materials and their properties, how these change in certain conditions and how each material is made up of particles.

As physicists, we will explore elements of forces and magnets and how electricity works. We will develop an understanding of sound and discover concepts of Earth and Space.

We will become ‘Scientific Thinkers’ and this, along with the natural curiosity and excitement that Science invokes, will allow the development of skills of prediction, analysis and explanation.


Department for Education: National Curriculum