School Dog – Skye

Before Skye could become SMA’s school dog, she had to go through an assessment at ‘Paws in Nature’, the following is from their Facebook page about her journey!

Part 1 of Training

Preparing a “school dog”

Skye, the collie cross is pretty much perfect in every way. Today we did our first assessment of Skye, testing her to see if she has the ability to become a “school dog” at a primary school in Liverpool.

Once we have gone through a written risk assessment, we have to test her in multiple situations, all of which she passed with flying colours!

Once she has passed he own personal tests, it will then be time to educate the students in “dog code” a step by step guide in how to be around dogs & how to respect Skye.

Today was refreshing, Skye was a dream ❤️🙏🐶

Part 2 of “School Dog” training.

Skye takes to school life, like a duck to water. Yesterday we did her first introduction, met lots off teachers, found her a place to toilet and set up some time out areas for her to have some space. Skye is also going to have some of the students read to her in the future (how cute 😍)

Next step is “dog code” teaching the students how to operate around her & other dogs in public, then we train the teachers some handling skills with her too.

This is one of the nicest PIN ventures since we opened in 2015.

Please note! You don’t need a school dog to take part in “dog code”. It is designed to give children a good code of conduct when meeting dogs in public, something that is vital to safely meet dogs, whilst significantly reducing dog bites 🙏