At St Margaret’s Anfield CE Primary School we provide a rich Geography curriculum. We have a wide range of interactive resources to enhance learning throughout the school. At the heart of the Geography curriculum children are encouraged to learn skills such as map reading and an awareness of the environment around us. These skills are seamlessly incorporated into topics throughout the school, for example year 2 studies the Polar Regions. In year 4 the children study their own city, Liverpool. Rivers are an extremely popular topic in year 5, each year the children will take part in a River Study where they can experience their topic in a hands on way. Children in upper key stage two are given the chance to explore new environments and implement their maps work skills during residential visits to Colomendy and Borrowdale. These trips are always very beneficial and give the children real life field experience and a chance to see Geography come to life.

This year in Geography, children throughout the school will be encouraged to explore the topic of Fairtrade and its influence on others around the world. Children will explore trade around the world, the parts of the world most affected by the Fairtrade charity work and how we can help Fairtrade charity. This encompasses the wider school ethos of Truth, Fairness, Justice and Joy as children are taught the importance of helping others.

Department for Education: National Curriculum